Archery For Beginners

If you are starting out in Archery, a good first step would be to join the local archery club. Try to determine the credentials of the coaching staff and the reputation of the archery club first. Remember that it is important to get things right the first time so it is somewhat crucial that you get the proper guidance and coaching to start you off on your basic archery instructions. When you have established the basic skills set, that is the time to get a more advanced archery coach.


Another reason for joining an archery club is because as a beginner, you will not have your own archery equipment yet. You may want to rent your bow and arrows first from the archery club at a relatively more affordable rate compared to buying an archery set outright which will definitely cost you quite a bit of money. After all, you may not be sure if you like archery so why invest outright.

If you are required to bring your own bow and arrow set, try to buy the best that you can afford so that you can get correct results during your beginner's lessons in archery. Generally, a lighter bow is best suited for beginners.

Starting out right means mastering the correct basic archery techniques. Study the basic drawing and releasing techniques since this will be the foundation of your form and archery stance. You also have to remember that if you intend to be a skilled archery student and eventually expert, you must keep yourself in top shape. Stamina and strength are both required for you to do well in this sport. A relatively above average upper body strength is needed to carry out archery moves. Training your upper body will help you gain more control and command over your shooting.

Remember that archery is not learned and mastered overnight. Give yourself enough time to learn the sport by being patient learning the basics and eventually the finer points. Although basic aiming and even releasing can be absorbed in less that an hour, becoming a confident expert will take years of study and training.

It would also be helpful to measure your training progress by joining archery competitions. Practice hard and be confident of your skills. Try to observe other archers especially the experts and try to get additional pointers. You can also keep notes of your performance to be able to provide suggested minor adjustments on your progress. In this way, you can review your notes periodically to assess how far you have come in terms of archery skills.

Although it is a good thing to practice hard and train for your archery basics, you also need to know when to call it quits for the day. You might get burned out if you keep on pushing yourself day in and day out. Never quit too early in the game, just make sure you know your limitations.


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