Tips For Success In Archery

Highly successful archers all share some practices and habits which help them achieve their ultimate goal of winning the much coveted gold. If you are planning on taking up the sport, here are seven habits of highly successful archers for you to emulate.


First off, a competitive archer can be successful in the sport if he comes prepared for anything and everything that may come his way. You should always be ready for the unexpected. Pack extra equipment or gear and uniforms just in case something bad happens. The weather might suddenly turn gloomy and you may need a change of clothes after being drenched by an unexpected downpour. During competition, there may be some surprises which will divert your attention way from the game. Anticipating these unexpected events will help you deal with them and will translate to a more solid concentration on the match.

Next a highly successful archer must learn how to be resilient, learning from previous experiences. Being resilient is key in improving your athletic capabilities and even strength of character. Do not delve on previous shortfalls but instead think of what can be done the next time something similar would happen. Block off negative thoughts and focus on the current task at hand.

Successful archers should also strive to become consistent in the use of their shooting technique and form. Most often referred to as shooting your average, this only means that an archer must not shift from one stance to another especially during critical, make or break scenarios. For a successful archer, being consistent means that one must not compromise his technique even when under a great deal of pressure.

Another habit of a highly successful archer is thinking positively and bringing the can do attitude in every match. Thinking positively will not only help you concentrate better it also allows one to visualize what a great shot should look like.

Highly successful archers also welcome pressure. Competition brings out the best in accomplished archers. Just keep in mind that shooting while nervous is like shooting in the rain so never fall into the pitfall of thinking that you alone are feeling the immense pressure of future matches.

Then we have champion archers who can use sheer concentration focusing on the target without being bothered by personal issues or external distractions. This is called mental programming wherein an athlete keeps his mind focused so that distractions will not interfere with his performance. No more wandering thoughts! This should be developed along with your particular technique so as to deliver and post a high performance.

Last but not least, all successful archers should have a strong sense of self discipline. Regular practice entails a huge amount of self discipline but it definitely contributes to ensuring that the arrow always hits the mark! In order to become a successful archer, you have to have the passion for the sport, but it does not end there. Just like any other sport, diligent and consistent practice sessions will help bring out the fierce competitor in you.


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